Automatic Standby Generators—The Severe Weather Solution

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Automatic Standby Generators


No matter where you live, severe weather—be it from hurricanes or ice storms—can arrive without warning and cause homeowners to lose power for days or even weeks. Not only is this costly and inconvenient, it’s also dangerous. Homeowners are increasingly aware of the value of having a standby generator.


“Residential, standby generators offer builders a tremendous value-added opportunity,” says Clement Feng, executive vice president, marketing. Generac Power Systems, the premier manufacturer of both standby and portable power generators. “It’s easy to offer standby generators as an upgrade or as part of a package, which adds to both the cachet of the home and the builder’s bottom line.”


Standby Power Is An Upgrade That Offers Security To Home owners Generac introduced the first automatic home standby system in 1989 and today is the industry leader, offering the broadest product line. “Automatic standby generators aren’t just high-end products,” Feng explains. “The latest models run quieter, cost less and are easier to install, making them a highly desirable enhancement to the comfort and value of any new home.” And best of all, automatic standby generators operate on natural gas or liquid propane vapor, so there are none of the fuel storage, spillage, spoilage or odor concerns that are common with gasoline or diesel models.




As the leading manufacturer of stationary generators, Generac’s new products incorporate the innovative technologies and features builders have come to expect, including :


The NEW CorePower™ System is compact in design with an all-weather enclosure. A high-quality product that is cost-efficient.


The Generac® Guardian Series meets the power needs of any home. Now the state-of-the-art Nexus™ Control System is standard and allows the generator to digitally manage up to six high-power loads. This upgrade reduces the size of the generator required for mid- to larger-sized homes making them more affordable than ever for homeowners.



Quiet Source series, the premium line of automatic standby power. A specially designed engine runs quieter at lower engine speeds, extending the life of the unit.



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