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Lighting has a unique functionality depending on the kind of object or space that it has to reflect. Some spaces need to be enhanced brightly, while others need to be supply reflected. Some objects need to be chrome – emphasized while others require a design element. Thus every space, corner and room in our house requires a different treatment of reflection.

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In an attempt to familiarize you with the functionally of contemporary lighting. Hafele brings to you some handy tips and technical expertise that will help you design or enhance your home interiors effectively.




A. Differentiation And interaction between Light In A Room And Light In Furniture


A.1 Light In A Room


The light in a room is comprised of all light sources that are built into the architecture and design of a room. This includes all sources of artificial light such as ceiling, wall and pendant lights as well as all sources of natural light.


A.2 Daylight




Natural daylight enters the room through windows and architectural openings in walls and ceilings and connects the inside to outside.


A.2 Down lights


Down lights


For accent and general lighting, these types of lights are installed overhead to fulfill this purpose



A.3 Pendant light


Pendant light


Pendant light combine the benefits of direct and indirect lighting and offer a multitude opportunities to combine accent and general lighting.


A.4 Wall lights


Wall lights


Mounted directly to the wall, these types of lights contribute to the ambiance of a room with direct or indirect light.



B. Light In Furniture


Light in furniture expands the possibilities of permanently installed light sources to include opportunities for personal expression. The result: More individuality and flexibility for the residents. Due to state-of-the-art technologies such as plug and play and low voltage lighting, such systems are now easy to install and use.


B.1 Display Cabinet Lighting


Display Cabinet Lighting

Light in shelving, cabinets and display cabinets not only provides a perfect overview, it also allows displayed items to be presented in an upscale and stylish manner.



B.2 Drawer Lighting


Drawer Lighting

For comfort and safety: Drawers with integrated lighting guarantee the reach for the right cutlery item and add convenience to the day.



B.3 LED Strips


LED Strips

LED strips highlight and accentuate details in furniture in a creative manner. Due to the minimal space requirement, they are particularly useful to highlight design features such as gaps and shaped items.


B.4 Built-in Spotlights


Built-in Spotlights

Built-in spotlights provide directional highlighting of objects in display cabinets and on display shelves.


C. Light Has Two Function : Light Effects and Light Impressions


Light effect is the overall effect of reflected light perceived by each individual. The eye optically measures how light is absorbed or reflected from various different surfaces. Therefore the light significantly influences how each individual recognizes colors, brightness, distances, contrast and finishes. The respective light effect always depends on the interaction between the light source and the object as shown in the following examples,


C.1 Mood




With the availability of pre-programmed light scenarios it is possible to switch back and forth between work-light and mood-light.



C.2 Material




Different materials and refract light differently. The light effects are strongly influenced by these choices.



C.3 Contrast




Contrast describes the difference between bright and dark areas. Identical light generates more contrast on brighter surfaces and less on dark surfaces.



D. Light Impression


Light is an essential element of living for people. Accordingly light is important for our health and overall well­being. Daylight of course plays the largest role. But in living and work environments artificial light sources have a significant effect on atmosphere and quality of life. The flexibility of light in furniture brings important aspects such as security, accentuation, orientation, information and comfort into centre stage.


D.1 Security



A substantial ,ask for light is to convey security. Dark corner areas evoke fear and danger in people Therefore the deployment of light in furniture, such a: drawers, as added value creates a sense of heightened security in daily life.


D.3 Accentuation




The tools to accentuate and highlight individual rooms and furniture items to create unique and personal lighting scenes.


E. Light In The Living Room : As  Diverse As Life


Relax, play, read, watch television - with the family, alone or in a cozy gathering of guests: No other room has to be as versatile as the living room, At the same time, the living room is an expression of your own personality and a place of presentation. To lighting design, this means: Versatile, flexible light sources perfectly matched to the circumstances.



comfortable bright light

Soft and comfortable bright light also in otherwise dark corners



E.1 Comfort Light:


CDs and DVDs at a glance

CDs and DVDs at a glance - by interior illuminated drawers.





The soft lighting effect of the sideboard enables a visually pleasant, glare – free view of the television.



Light on edges of glass shelves

Light on edges of glass shelves: A harmonious combination, possibly as the ideal background for creative design,



Plinth lighti

Plinth lighting improves the perception of space by visually setting the sideboard apart from the floor.


The indirect lighting

The indirect lighting of the shelf structures the room by a visually setting the sideboard gently increasing light.



Soft light seemingly creates the illusion of a floating ceiling panel.



F. Light In The Kitchen : A Room for Living


Be it an exclusive single kitchen or the cosy "soul of the house": The kitchen nowadays is a living area and meeting point for friends and family again, Good lighting for working and beautiful lighting while dining are the requirements for a lighting concept Special attention must be paid here to the materials of the kitchen: Precious wood fronts and other dark, matt surfaces absorb the light while bright high­ gloss fronts reflect it,



 Plenty of light

Plenty of light or the working area for safe ­and comfortable work in the kitchen.




Soft background light and mild accent lighting create a pleasant atmosphere



Functional light

Functional light:

Ideal for the illumination of work areas: Glare-free light that directly falls onto the table top without casting a shadow

Vertical surface directed light illuminates

Vertical surface directed light illuminates base units into the farthest corner



Low-contrast light in cabinets simplifies

Low-contrast light in cabinets simplifies, searching and locating



Comfort light

Comfort light : Illuminated drawers guarantee the best overview even at dark

ambient light.



Light behind glass

Light behind glass lends transparency and lightness to cabinet fronts



Plinth lighting

Plinth lighting provides an elegant night guiding light.



G. Light In The Bedroom : Retreating and Feeling Good


Private retreat, oasis of relaxation, preparation for  the next day - we do not spend more time in any other living area than in the bedroom. This is the cosy retreat for reading, watching TV or chatting. However, clothing is also stored here, maybe even in a walk-in wardrobe, here’s the place for dressing and changing clothes. Light plays a crucial role in feeling good in all of this.


 clever combination of direct and indirect light sources


A clever combination of direct and indirect light sources clearly upgrades the bedroom



Back-lit furniture

Back-lit furniture creates glare-free ambient lighting



Emotional light

Emotional light :

The contour illumination by concealed fixtures generates an ideal base light



Current-carrying skirting

Current-carrying skirting is an elegant solution and enables the power supply through flexible sockets, and can also be retrofitted.




Functional light :

The proper framework for lively conversations: Pleasant, continuously adjustable down lights create warm light.



The reading light on the be

The reading light on the bed should be bright but glare-free and there by only illuminate limited area.



Comfort light

Comfort light : Spotlights with their color-­neutral cold white light let clothes appear as they are


The shelf lighting

The shelf lighting riot only helps in the search for the proper reading material, it also disseminates unobtrusive basic light.



H. Light In The Bathroom : Wellness At Home


A room only for washing and applying makeup? That was yesterday! Modern bathrooms can do much more: The bathroom is a wellness oasis with extras such as a steam bath, massage shower and whirlpool. Arid when it is done right, the lighting design's payoff is great; after all, this is the room where you start and end your day.



Functional light

Functional light: Uniform bright light above the mirror is useful for applying makeup and shaving.


accent lighting

The bathroom becomes a wellness oasis by altering the light to accent lighting.



Spotlights mounted

Spotlights mounted under the wall unit Illuminate the wash basin with direct light.



Dimmable sidelights

Dimmable sidelights give the wall structure.



Comfort light

Comfort light : For an atmospheric wellness experience: Illuminated recesses.


LED strips or back-lit acrylic strips

Low voltage technology allows recess mounted give the wall structure. LED strips or back-lit acrylic strips even in the Immediate vicinity of the wash basin.



Dimmable sidelights give the wall structure

Dimmable sidelights give the wall structure.



Bright edges transform a practical glass

Bright edges transform a practical glass, shelf into an exclusive decorative piece.


Illuminated plinth panels

Illuminated plinth panels let edges appear softer and ease the orientation at right.

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