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Spawned from a family with three generations of development experience, Toronto based Kil­barry Hill Developments ties at the forefront of innovation in building production and design. Co-founders and brothers Shawn and Jordan Meck­linger, and their uncle Jerry Vlamid form the com­pany's underpinnings, while Shawn's wife Kailee co­ordinates interior design aspects. Their partners, the Ross family, also offer over 30 years of expertise in the construction industry and are an integral part of Kilbarry's early success. The team currently faces the competitive world of project design and execution with a prime advantage; each team member yields varied areas of specialization, that when combined, are highly compatible and effective.


"Kilbarry offers a one-stop shop. We handle all of your building needs, whether it he providing architectural drawings, taking your plans through the permit process, providing interior design con­sultation as well as construction management," says Shawn, Kilbarry Hill's President and Director of Business Development.


Each project irradiates the company's diverse ex­pertise, ranging from prestigious custom residential and vacation homes, to the eclectic College Lanes Down Loft Development situated in Toronto's South Annex area. The loft interiors are space conscien­tious and meld a practical, modern ambience with plush, luxurious city living. Each unit, although constrained to a location within a small laneway, boasts 13-foot high ceilings, ultra modern Italian kitchens, front and rear courtyards and walk out patios. Aspects of their layout are clear indications of design concepts, created to combat and diminsite limitations, and are the outcome of the com­pany's adeptness.




Kilbarry Hill


The lofts are not alone in their peerless presenta­tion of Kilbarry's unified building and design meth­ods; each of the company's projects exhibit novel and synthesized characteristics. Shawn's favorite edi­fice to date-a tailor-made residential cottage on Lake Simcoe featuring custom millwork, exquisite trim, state of the art technology and grand ceilings.



Kilbarry Hill


"The care put forth by all of our trades really shows in the attention to detail," said Shawn.

In the near future the team is focused on ad­ditional custom residential projects on Lake Sim­coe and in Toronto. In the long run, focus for improvement is expected in expanded services, likely including the integration of consulting into the company's legion of already existing multi-faucets.




Kilbarry Hill

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