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SUN CONTROL FILMSV-KOOL Oman established in 2000, offers the most technologically advanced films that reduce heat; they are voted as one of the top 100 inventions of the millennium.These films work on the basis of continuous reflectance of the infra-red heat up to 94 per cent rather than absorbing it. They also improve the energy efficiency, safety and security as well as provides for higher comfort levels to the to the occupants.


Global warming is not only the prime environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing human kind. V-KOOL International, recognized globally as a pioneer in providing daylight harvesting and energy efficiency solutions through advanced spectrally selective films for automotive and architectural use, has made its presence felt in 28 countries, including Oman.


The energy-efficient building puts less strain on the cooling system thereby reducing maintenance and extending the life of the equipment. Apart from the premium clear heat control films,  V-KOOL offers an extensive range of films. It provides protection from UV rays, thereby reducing fading of car upholstery, and interiors of house and retail outlets.








V-KOOL’s advanced smart coating can make the one-inch thick glass possess the same insulation capability of a six-inch thick wall. This particular feature helps bring down the amount of power required to cool a car or house – thus reducing carbon emissions significantly.


By rejecting solar heat and reducing air conditioning loads, V-KOOL films perk up the fuel efficiency of a typical car by 3 per cent. A study done by Environment Protection Agency in USA (EPA) along with Visteon says; every car coated with V-KOOL film reduces CO2 emissions by 132 kg per year, the same quantity reduced by 11 trees.


More than 20 million cars worldwide are incorporated with V-KOOL’s patented technology, and it is proud to be accountable for reduction of 2,64 million tons of CO2 annually. It is mention worthy that 198 million trees are absorbing the same quantity of carbon dioxide during a span of one whole year.


V-KOOL has recently opened a branch in Sohar and Muscat City Center. For our customers, V-KOOL provides the convenience to have their cars installed while shopping.


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded V-KOOL with the Energy Star Buildings Ally. This prestigious award is conferred on deserving contenders for technologies that make a significant contribution in reducing energy consumption at a global level, thereby reducing air pollution and emissions.


Committed to the cause of raising awarness for global warming, V-KOOL actively participates in key exhibitions and social events aiming for a sustainable environment for future generations.

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